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Our Products


4CYTE™ With Epiitalis®

A premium daily joint supplement for superior joint health protection and maintenance.
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A scientifically proven joint health product for dogs and cats, containing all natural marine concentrates.
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OSTEO-Restore™ with epiitalis®

Complete bone and joint health product for humans. Works on the underlying ailment to protect and actively maintain bone and joint health.
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What makes our products so special?

Exclusive to Interpath, EPIITALIS® is the only active ingredient patented globally to stimulate healthy cartilage and suppress chemicals responsible for poor joint function. An oil extract from the seed of Biota orientalis, it’s safe, natural and sustainable. EPIITALIS®: Powering 4CYTE™ and OSTEO-Restore™ joint health products.

For Professionals

Interpath is an innovative company specialising in the research, development and manufacture of products for the treatment of joint health problems such as cellular degradation and joint inflammation.

We take an evidence-based medicine approach to our research and development, which has utilised the latest molecular and cellular biology techniques. In-vitro and in-vivo studies have provided an unequivocal understanding of the science behind our signature products.

We have invested heavily in research and development with outstanding results in the treatment of joint pain, inflammation and chondrocyte proliferation. In response to these results, we are expanding our research program on EPIITALIS® .