4CYTE™ EPIITALIS® Forte Gel – Testimonial

Dani Breen & Tahni

Epiitalis® Forte Dog

Tahni is a Blue Merle 7yo German Koolie. She is my no.1 work dog. That is until she dislocated her hip that required surgery and a toggle pin to hold in place. Then she done her ACL and had a TPLO done.

This really slowed her body down but not her mind. She loves work and being with me but you could see the pain she was in and she was flat in herself, not the bubbly girl she was. She is on monthly Cartrophine injections which has helped but not to her full potential…but then my very good friend suggested 4cyte. This is her only 1 week on it.

I am getting my bubbly girl back! She plays, eats well and insisted on coming in the tractor the other day which she has not done in quite some time. As a youngster Tahni used to climb and escape her 8 foot dog run. That stopped after the leg issues.

You know what, the cheeky girl escaped her run the other day, jumped on the back of the Ute and was very proud of herself as was I with a smile ear to ear. 
Thankyou 4Cyte I think I have my girl back. 

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