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Megan Jamieson

I am a veterinary nurse at Canterbury Vet Clinic in Surrey Hills, Melbourne.

I have a 3 year old Jack Russell terrier named Holly who has had ongoing back pain issues for a number of months. Holly has always been 110% terrier, and we love her for it. However since her pain started after suspected trauma, she wasn’t the same. She became stiff, slow and lethargic and lost the spark that made her Holly.

Multiple courses of NSAIDs saw temporary relief to her pain, but it would always come back. After blood tests and x-rays as well we felt we weren’t getting any answers to little Holly’s problem. I was getting frustrated especially because the idea of my 3 year old dog needed long-term NSAIDs was quite scary.

Then one of my veterinarian colleagues suggested trying 4cyte EPIITALIS forte. Mainly because of it’s safety in long-term use. It has been perhaps 2 weeks of daily administration and we honestly are so taken aback by the change we have seen. We almost can’t believe it. Even friends who come around comment on what a change has occurred in her. If she were human you’d certainly call it the placebo effect.

She’s back at 110%. It had been so long since we saw her jump and play, and she’s back at it like she never stopped. I basically just wanted to thank you all on behalf of Holly and my family because your product has made such a remarkable difference to us.

As a veterinary professional I always strive to find the best products that I can vouch for when recommending them to clients, and I will most definitely be recommending 4cyte first, above all others.

Truthfully, I want to run the streets and yell out to everyone I see that this is a miracle product! I thought an email to the manufacturer may be more appropriate though 🙂

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