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Within 10 days of beginning our mare on 4CYTE, she was a lot stronger, stopping in the sand without hesitating. Read more “Corey Holden”

Corey Holden, Trainer, C Bar H Cutting Horses

My dogs all love 4CYTE, and even my 16 year-old champion terrier is still very youthful and active. Read more “Alyssa Schwabe”

Alyssa Schwabe, flyball dog trainer and handler, Buffalo, New York

She recovers very quickly after a weekend of competing and I put this down to your fantastic product, 4CYTE. Read more “Lisa Duff”

Lisa Duff, Christchurch

After several weeks we were astounded as Jaz was back running around the yard, swimming and jumping up on the couch – all while appearing totally pain free! Read more “The Hamilton Family”

The Hamilton Family and Jaz

It has now been five months since we started on 4CYTE and I can truly say we have got our youthful girl back. She’s dancing on her hind legs, jumping, running and playing with no signs of discomfort. Read more “Pip Slater”

Pip Slater

A vet nurse friend recommended 4CYTE and, after two months on this product, I am thrilled to say Bailey is a completely different dog! Read more “Kelly and Bailey”

Kelly and Bailey

We cannot thank the makers of this product enough. I have no doubt that because of the 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte Gel, my girl will be here for a few more years yet. Read more “Tam Hambrook”

Tam Hambrook, veterinary nurse

I could not have imagined Jack would be so active again in such a short period of time. Read more “Maxine Eliison”

Horses and People Magazine’s Maxine Eliison, and Jack

After starting my horses on 4CYTE I saw some amazing results within three weeks. Read more “Courtney Liddy”

Courtney Liddy, pictured on Whiskers

In the past he has required numerous visits from the physio – not so after 4CYTE. Read more “Laura Madden”

Laura Madden, 2012 NZ Amateur Showhunter of the Year winner

We still can’t believe the difference we feel in her when she’s in work, and in such a short time. Read more “Corey Holden”

Corey Holden, Trainer, C Bar H Cutting Horses

I have found it to be invaluable in the management and prevention of joint effusions in young warmbloods in their first years of training. Read more “Fiona Anderson”

Fiona Anderson, BSc BVMS, Amateur Dressage Rider

My beautiful Il Bamboccio is going exceptionally well on 4CYTE since being prescribed by my vet. Read more “Natalie Lewis-Grofski”

Natalie Lewis-Grofski and Il Bamboccio

I like the fact there are two means of giving your horse the 4CYTE range, as this caters to a variety of horses and their needs. Read more “Hayley Parker”

Hayley Parker, South African Event and Show Jumping Rider

How have the horses responded? The results have been outstanding. Read more “Dr Andrew Clarke”

Dr Andrew Clarke, CEO and Head Veterinarian, Living Legends – The International Home of Rest for Champion Horses

I have no hesitation in recommending 4CYTE for Horses and congratulate Interpath on this product. Read more “Darren Weir”

Darren Weir, Darren Weir Racing. 2015 Melbourne Cup Winning Trainer with Prince of Penzance

I was stunned one day at the park, after she had been on 4CYTE for two months, to see her running around with energy, speed and enthusiasm that she has not displayed since before her injury. Read more “Dr Natasha Hovanessian”

Dr Natasha Hovanessian, BVSc MS, Canberra Equine Clinic

With the introduction of the new 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte Gel, we have placed all our horses onto it, including the youngsters. Read more “Dr Erin Roddy”

Dr Erin Roddy, Springcreek Rehabilitation and Camden Veterinary Hospital

4CYTE is one of the very few nutraceutical products that has undergone extensive research to demonstrate there is an effect where it is needed in horses. Read more “Dr Ian C Fulton”

Dr Ian C Fulton, Ballarat Veterinary Clinic, Specialist in Equine Surgery (BVSc, MS, FACVSc)