I started using 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte Gel on a mare who injured herself very badly as a young horse. Among her injuries were broken bones and muscle, tendon and nerve damage. She will always be lame but, with the onset of a bitterly cold few weeks, she had started to struggle badly. She was constantly down and uninterested in her feed, and we were facing the awful decision of laying her to rest.

I thought we had run out of ways to help her when I was told about the Epiitalis Forte Gel. We started her on the load dose and I have been utterly blown away by the improvement. Within two days she was back on her feet…still lying down a lot, but up and eating every feed. Within a week she was up most of the day, and even giving her old pony mate a bit of grief.

We cannot thank the makers of this product enough. I have no doubt that because of the 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte Gel, my girl will be here for a few more years yet. Being able to watch her wander the paddock with a much better range of movement in her legs and see her HAPPY is just amazing. I cannot recommend this product enough!