Our six year-old spoodle, Bella, loves to run, jump and swim – she’s extremely active. But we noticed some changes to our girl’s behaviour over a few months. She started with a slight limp and would growl if we rubbed near her hips. Then we noticed her laying on her back and spreading her hips out, her sitting changed and, when Bella jumped on the bed, her hind legs would give way. One evening Bella really struggled on our usual walk, so much so that she was bunny-hopping and I had to carry her home.

We immediately booked in to see our vet, who advised us that Bella had hip dysplasia. She was prescribed anti-inflammatories to reduce the pain and make her more comfortable. After extensive research, I found there was a stem cell procedure available at around $5000 that would give her quality of life back. However, I was given a sample of 4CYTE to try for a few months. Within three days we noticed she was moving around a lot more and looked happier than she had in months. After 15 days we went for a walk/jog and – wow – I could not believe what I was seeing. She ran with ease and pulled up with no signs of discomfort the following morning. It has now been five months since we started on 4CYTE and I can truly say we have got our youthful girl back. She’s dancing on her hind legs, jumping, running and playing with no signs of discomfort.