We have been using 4CYTE for Horses for over two years now. Initially, I only used it on those that were older and had a few problems that needed managing but, with the introduction of the new 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte Gel, we have placed all our horses onto it, including the youngsters.

One of our horses required medication of his hocks, fetlocks and digital sheath twice a year to remain competition fit. We started him on 4CYTE two years ago and he has not looked back. I think the non-invasive, daily administration is one of the main advantages of this product.

While the injectable products are good, they do not provide the same daily support of 4CYTE for Horses, and Epiitalis Forte, and I like my horses’ joints to be supported both while they are training as well as when competing.

We also use 4CYTE in our rehabilitation business, and have all our post-surgical patients on it, especially those that have undergone arthroscopy. We have seen a marked increase in positive outcomes post-surgery, and a reduction in total rehabilitation time.