Living Legends is commitment is to providing our legends with the best possible care and to ensure their comfort at all times. The ages of our legends range from eight to 25 years. Given the careers of the horses and their ages, it is not surprising that we have the occasional musculoskeletal challenge to deal with.

From a joint health perspective, Living Legends is looking for a safe product which provides anti-inflammatory activity without side-effects, a product that provides chondro-protective and chondro-proliferative properties, and a product that provides the complete range of bioactive GAGs – not just glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate.

From an evidence-based medicine approach and a scientific perspective, it is reassuring to know independent peer-reviewed and published in vitro and in-vivo studies have shown that all of the above boxes can be ticked with 4CYTE for Horses. But what about at the coalface, so to speak. How have the horses responded? The results have been outstanding.