29 year old Sophie Warren grew up surrounded by horses and is now a professional Eventing and Dressage rider. Currently competing at the top of the sport, Sophie has been in the top ten placings at all of Australia’s major eventing competitions. She also represented Australia as a young rider, was Western Australian young rider of the year and her horse, Let’s Impress was Western Australian horse of the year. Sophie has ridden at FEI level in dressage and two of her rides have won Western Australian dressage horse of the year.

Now a successful trainer of horses and riders in all three Olympic disciplines, Sophie focusses on implementing evidence-based training methods in order to improve the welfare of horses and the safety of riders. Eventing is Sophie’s main passion and with her team of eventers she strives to compete internationally for Australia. “I wouldn’t be complaining if I got there in Dressage either, but Eventing is my real love and I couldn’t live without it. The extra level of horsemanship it requires and the camaraderie between fellow competitors – I think that’s pretty special in eventing. Of course being an adrenalin junkie might also have something to do with it!”

Sophie and her partner, Portland, coach and train horses of all types from foundation training and re-education of problem horses to competition at the highest level. They believe that understanding and applying the science of learning is the most effective and ethical way to train horses.



Discipline: Eventing