Libby – Labrador x Golden Retriever


“Libby is an 8 year old Labrador x Golden Retriever.  Asa 1y/o dog she had bilateral elbow surgery to remove boney growths from the joints and she was diagnosed with early onset arthritis

Dani Breen & Tahni


Tahni is a Blue Merle 7yo German Koolie. She is my no.1 work dog. That is until she dislocated her hip that required surgery and a toggle pin to hold in place.

Megan Jamieson

“One of my veterinarian colleagues suggested trying 4cyte EPIITALIS forte. Mainly because of it’s safety in long-term use. It has been perhaps 2 weeks of daily administration and we honestly are so taken aback by the change we have seen. We almost can’t believe it. Even friends who come around comment on what a change has occurred in her. “

Sophie Warren

Riding Kinnordy Gigi 185 CCI2 Alcoa International Horse Trials 2019

Kinnordy Gigi heading for 5th place around the CCI2*
at Alcoa International last weekend. She is 16yrs old now, has had some time off for babies so still needs to get fitter but thanks to her EPITALIIS feels just fabulous climbing back up the grades!

Sophie Roberson who owns her is so thrilled with how she looks. I can’t believe how amazing she feels!

Jody Henderson

"the results are nothing short of incredible. Winter is a particularly tough time with osteoarthritis, with the last few winters seeing me confined indoors due to the pain.  Fast forward to winter 2018, which has been a shocker, and I can't believe the fact that I'm pain free this year!"


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