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The Importance of Good Posture (and How to Achieve It)

Good posture doesn’t just look great. It’s vital for keeping our bones and joints in correct alignment so our muscles are used properly too! Posture affects how you walk, run, jump, lift weights and execute other skills. Because of its many benefits, such as ease of movement, good balance of muscle strength and flexibility, it’s […]

Interpath OSTEO-RESTORE with Epiitalis and Aquamin Forte.

Introducing our advanced new formula for bone and joint health, OSTEO-RESTORE works on the underlying ailment to repair, restore and actively maintain bone and joint health. Pain relief Repairs cartilage Strengthens bones Fore more information, click here. Top tips for staying motivated this winter Focus on the benefits. Want to move freely and have more […]

Winter Motivation: Keep Exercising, Protect your Joints!

Baby, it’s cold outside! But don’t let that put your exercise routine on ice. Once you understand the positive effect your workout has on your joint health and overall wellbeing, you’ll always feel inspired. From joint stability and flexibility through to improved mood and sleep quality, regular exercise has countless benefits – no matter what […]

Preventing Computer-Related Joint Pain

Stretch. Take a break. Stand often. These simple remedies will help guard against many of the common computer-related injuries we see today. If you’re suffering joint and muscle problems – such as headaches and/or back, neck, shoulder and arm pain – chances are you work station needs adjusting. That’s because, although sitting requires less muscular […]

Exercise to Ease Arthritis

From easing joint pain to improving your mood, regular exercise has significant benefits for people with arthritis. There are many different types to choose from, although the exercise that’s best for you will depend on your personal preference, the severity of your symptoms and whether you have any other health issues. By exercising every day, […]