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Joint Health Hub – For Animals

What are the first signs of arthritis?

A reluctance to move about is often the first give-away sign of arthritis in older dogs. This is usually followed by an unwillingness to run, jump or play for long periods. An arthritic pet will also often appear stiff, or limp, first thing in the morning, and won’t bounce up and down the stairs or […]

What is canine arthritis?

A progressive and painful degenerative disease, arthritis is extremely common in older dogs. It is usually the result of ongoing wear and tear and instability in the joints, and is typified by a breakdown of the joint’s cartilage. Arthritis can affect one or more joints anywhere in your dog’s body; however the most common joints […]

Does My Dog Need a Jumper in Winter?

Some people love dressing their dog, while others laugh at the very idea. But, in this instance, we’re talking function over fashion – it’s important to make sure your canine pal is comfortable in the cooler months. Jumpers can be a great benefit to dogs who suffer from arthritis, as the additional warmth can help […]

Signs your Horse May Be Affected by Arthritis

Has your horse seemed a bit ‘not quite right’ recently? Maybe a little stiff when moving off, or uncharacteristically unwilling to work? Your equine buddy might be suffering from arthritis. Arthritis is a common, progressive and painful degenerative joint disease believed to be responsible for 60% of all lameness.  It can affect horses of any […]

Winter Care for Arthritic Horses

Just like older humans, ageing horses seem to feel the cold more and more with every passing winter. Here are a few ways to help keep your equine friend(s) happy and sound during the colder months: Support their joint health. Consider a natural daily treatment like Interpath’s 4CYTE™ EPIITALIS® Forte Gel, or 4CYTE™ for Horses […]

Help your Dog Beat Arthritis this Winter

Winter is here. And you may have noticed you’re not the only one slow to get going in the morning! As the cooler months progress, older dogs suffering from arthritis can feel increasingly sore and miserable. What starts off as a bit of stiffness can quickly turn into a reluctance to run, jump and play. […]