Introducing our advanced new formula for bone and joint health, OSTEO-RESTORE works on the underlying ailment to repair, restore and actively maintain bone and joint health.

  • Pain relief
  • Repairs cartilage
  • Strengthens bones

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Top tips for staying motivated this winter

  1. Focus on the benefits. Want to move freely and have more energy, rather than feeling stiff and sluggish? Make a list of all the ways exercise ads to your quality of life and read it regularly, particularly when you lack motivation.
  2. Set a goal. It might be a few kilos’ weight loss, or a certain distance you want to walk or run. Stick an image that represents your goal somewhere you’ll see it every day – when you look at it, you’ll know that each successful workout brings you closer to achieving your ambition.
  3. Train with a friend. You’re less likely to skip a session if you’ve got someone depending on you.
  4. Make your workouts mindful. As much as exercise is about the body, 90% of it is actually mental. Visualisations, positive affirmations and mindfulness meditation can help strengthen your resolve.
  5. Reward yourself. When you reach your goal, reward yourself. Think about getting a new pair of running shoes or athletic wear. There’s nothing like working towards a goal, achieving it and then splashing out. You’ve earned it.