Dr. Orlaith Cleary, MVB, Dipl.ACVS, MRCVS.

Dr. Orlaith Cleary, MVB, Dipl.ACVS, MRCVS.

We gave 4CYTE to Shaken post surgery and he had the best recovery I’ve ever had from a knee chip removal, or any chip removal for that matter. He’s just getting back in training now and looks fantastic.   

I started Shake it Twice on 4CYTE when we began training early May.  She had a lot of issues returning to work after the splint bone removal last fall, and none of that is present this year.  She worked the bullet last week and had one of the fastest breezes of the year so far at Ajax and was under a hold.  So we are super excited about her return to racing very soon.  

Dr. Orlaith Cleary, MVB, Dipl.ACVS, MRCVS. American Specialist in Equine Surgery.

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