Bob and Rick

Rick the heading dog experiencing arthritis symptoms

“After noticing my seven-year-old heading dog, Rick, becoming stiff and sore after a big day’s work and on a cold morning, it was becoming evident that he was developing some arthritis and needed something to help him with this.

We heard about 4CYTE EPIITALIS FORTE Gel and decided to give it a go. After using it for a couple of weeks, we began to notice improvement in his mobility and increased energy levels due not being sore. He can now do a full day’s work with ease and no worry at all.

We also have a 15-year-old foxy, Gus, who was struggling with arthritis, especially in the winter months. After using the gel he now bounces around like a little pup again, pain free.

“We have and will continue to use the gel with Rick, Gus and our other dogs after seeing these significant results and the easy use of 4CYTE gel.”

Bob Hume, NZ.
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