Horse Owners: Why You Need to Treat Joint Pain and Arthritis Early

Young horse showing legs and joints for joint health.

Arthritis is the end result of a cascade of events – involving the interconnected and interdependent structures of your horse’s joints – over a long period of time. These events that lead to pain and discomfort work like a vicious cycle. That’s why you’ll often hear arthritis referred to as a ‘self-perpetuating’ process.

The sooner you identify the signs of joint pain in your horse – and do something about it – the better. If you allow the cycle of damage that leads to arthritis to go unchecked, it will carry on, building momentum and intensifying symptoms like pain, stiffness and swelling. The longer this goes on, the harder it gets to implement effective treatment and management programs.

By reducing or halting the cycle of damage in its early phase, you give your horse a much better chance at a happy, healthy and active life. Think of it this way – if your horse’s rug had a small tear, would you get a better outcome if you mended it straight away, or waited until it turned into a giant rip?

Treating Joint Pain and Arthritis with 4CYTE

4CYTE is recommended by leading surgeons and veterinarians for the prevention and treatment of joint disease thanks to its unique cartilage repair properties. Powered by our exclusive active ingredient, Epiitalis, it works to address the cause of joint disease – not just the symptoms.

For advice on which 4CYTE product is best for your horse’s circumstances, please talk to your vet or take our quick joint health quiz.

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