Kelly Daniel

Kelly lives in the Waikato, and was raised in Nelson, New Zealand. She studied Zoology at the University of Otago, and worked as a veterinary nurse before starting her current full time career as a high school science teacher. 

Kelly has loved, trained, and competed with a range of dogs including border collies, a husky cross, a terrier cross and her youngest – a working English cocker spaniel. She has titled these dogs in a wide range of sports including agility, jumpers, obedience, rally-o, flygility, tricks, and more. She has gained champion titles for multiple dogs in agility, jumpers, flygility, and tricks. 

She gained her Certificate of Canine Fitness Training from FitPaws and the University of Tennessee in 2018, which included travel to the US to participate in the hands-on lab. She is Fear Free certified, and is currently working on a Raw Feeding certification. Kelly’s training philosophy is to look at the dog as a whole, and ensuring that the dog is physically and mentally healthy. Being a scientist at heart, Kelly love’s the science-backed 4CYTE products, and has seen the positive visible impact on her own dogs, and her client’s dogs.

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