Krystina Pallikaros, Vet Nurse and Dog Groomer at Hobsons Bay Veterinary Clinic.

My dog, Belle, had her first knee operation at six months of age, followed by another at eight months of age. As her owner, my biggest concern was that I never wanted her to be in pain.

Belle was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis as a result of these surgeries (bilateral TPLO and meniscus removal). From six months of age, she was put on several variations of mobility support supplements, along with prescription mobility food, monthly Pentosan injections and – over the years – Meloxicam and Gapanentin to assist with her pain.

I remember a beach trip with Belle, where she walked on sand for a prolonged period of time. She was in so much pain oafter this that she couldn’t weight bare on either hind legs. This resulted in a trip to the vets for general anaesthetic and x-rays, which displayed the severity of her arthritis.

Once Belle began 4CYTE granules, she showed much more comfort when moving – particularly when she was running around. After a few months, I realised she wasn’t pulling up sore at all. As a result, she was able to switch back to a normal, non-prescription food and gradually stop her medications.

When I heard 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte Gel had been released, I had to get my hands on it straight away. The biggest tell sign of improvement was when Belle and I returned to the same beach. She showed zero signs of pain or discomfort after the trip, which was such a huge relief for us. Now, at eight years of age, Belle has been able to reduce her Pentosan injections to every three months, and hasn’t had a drop of Meloxicam. I feel so relieved that she will be able to continue maturing without discomfort from her joints being a concern.

4CYTE has proven to us that even dogs suffering from severe joint pain have a real chance to be able to life a pain-free life. And when it’s as simple as putting a little bit of gel or granules in their food, there really is no reason not to give it a try.