Jennifer Barlow, Veterinary Nurse

My dog is very much treated as my first child and, when he started showing signs of arthritis at five years of age, I knew I had to act promptly.

Being a veterinary nurse, I am highly aware of the signs of arthritic discomfort in my own dog, let alone my patients (and yes, dogs I meet on our daily walk).

After trialing many various forms of nutraceutical’s over the past decade (and a bit), I have now settled and am staying with 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte. It is very easy to administer, highly palatable and – above all – it works!

I have been able to significantly reduce the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication, and have a dog that not only appears happier in his demeanor but is now sleeping through the night and rests more comfortably after exercise.

I see 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte make positive changes every day in my patients and their owners’ lives.

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