Arthritis Prevention and Treatment Options

Arthritis is a natural – although not inevitable – consequence of repeated stresses on joints over a long period of time. Injury can cause the condition to develop suddenly but, in its most common form, arthritis is simply the result of years of acting like a horse.

Knowledgeable owners work hard to protect their horse’s joints throughout life, understanding the destructive process behind joint disease can begin in foals and weanlings. Increasingly, these owners are incorporating 4CYTE joint health supplement in their efforts to further minimise the impact of arthritis.

What is 4CYTE?

Researched and developed by us, 4CYTE:

  • Stimulates healthy cartilage production
  • Limits cartilage degeneration
  • Reduces pain by suppressing inflammatory chemicals
  • Thickens joint fluid for better lubrication
  • Improves blood flor for faster healing
  • Treats the cause, not just symptoms, of joint disease.

Why vets recommend it:

4CYTE is backed by science. Independent, peer-reviewed and published in vitro and in-vivo studies have shown that all the boxes have been ticked on benefits and efficacy. It’s also 100% natural, safe to use long-term and complements prescription joint medication.

4CYTE for prevention and maintenance

4CYTE improves and maintains healthy joints at any stage of life. It’s used to protect joints in young horses, and addresses stiffness in horses displaying symptoms of arthritis.

4CYTE for treatment

4CYTE is also used in acute care protocols for joint injury, severe dysplasia and following orthopaedic surgeries.

 4CYTE is available through veterinary clinics, and covered by a money-back guarantee on efficacy and palatability. Contact your clinic today to purchase, or if you’d like advice specific to your horse’s condition.

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