Luke Harmer

Luke is a QLD based eventer, producing multiple horses to FEI classes and competing in some of the most prestigious equestrian events in Australia.

Competing in such a physically demanding sport, Luke is passionate about the wellbeing and condition of his horses. For that reason, has been a long-term user of 4CYTE. He notices the difference under saddle as his horses started to feel freer on the product, as well as in their recovery from a big event.

Luke believes 4CYTE has been a key influence on allowing his horses to reach full potential, by

  • maintaining and supporting the condition of healthy joints; 
  • repairing damaged joints affected by arthritis, age or injury – a crucial aspect to competitive eventing, and ensuring the well-being of a horse after enduring such a demanding sport. 

Luke is proud to be a 4CYTE team member, and ambassador for a product and company that is passionate about the welfare of animals (not just equine!). 4CYTE is proven to be a key influence in maintaining the joint health and outstanding performance of his horses, and supports Luke on his competition journey.

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