Small cost-effective dose, BIG impact

How do we achieve it? Using proprietary extraction methods, our exclusive active ingredient – Epiitalis – is changed from a triglyceride to a novel non-methylated interrupted free fatty acid form. This process significantly increases the potency and effect of Epiitalis on controlling inflammatory mediator expressions such as Prostaglandin E2 and Nitric Oxide.

Recommended by vets for dogs requiring treatment for acute joint disease, injury and/or pain.


50ml Gel for dogs up to 20kg
Daily dosing: 0.5ml – 1ml
Doses per bottle: 100 – 50 days

100ml Gel for dogs 20kg – 40kg
Daily dosing: 1.5ml – 2ml
Doses per bottle: 67 – 50 days

200ml for dogs 40kg – 60kg
Daily dosing: 2.5ml – 3ml
Doses per bottle: 80 – 67 days

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