Julia and Sketch

I’ve had Sketch since he was a little guy and after years of struggling with canter and movement, he was finally diagnosed with Degenerative Joint Disease in his stifles.

By the age of seven, it was advanced enough that he could not canter or extend trot (or to my delight, buck or rear).

The diagnosing vet told me there was nothing could be done due to the advanced stage of the disease and in essence, that he was a write-off. A friend suggested I try 4CYTE and within 2 weeks he was flat galloping the paddocks.

He’s now re-learning to canter and, owing to the coordination issues that come with an older horse learning to canter, he’s also able to buck so we know he’s feeling great….

He loves the taste so much that if I yell, “come get your lolly,” he will flat gallop to the gate and almost swallow the entire syringe!

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