Injury prevention in younger horses and dogs

The development of revolutionary, disease-modifying joint health products represent a game-changer in animal health. We all know prevention is better than a cure – let’s take advantage of the treatment options early, rather than waiting for signs of pain and discomfort to develop.

Degenerative Joint Disease, such as arthritis, is progressive, painful and extremely common in older dogs and horses. It is usually the result of ongoing wear and tear and instability in the joints, and is typified by a breakdown of the joint’s cartilage. In horses, arthritis is believed to be responsible for 60% of all lameness.

So what can we do to defend against problems before they begin?

Interpath’s 4CYTE daily joint treatment for dogs and horses is a powerful new generation approach developed to reverse and repair damage by modifying the pathological processes occurring in the diseased joint.

4CYTE contains the new active Epiitalis, patented for its ability stimulate healthy cartilage production, as well as its pain relief properties. The product has demonstrated safety and efficacy through 12 years of clinical research and studies.

Australian Veterinary Association Ballarat Branch President Dr Rob Page recommends preventative treatment for degenerative joint disease, particularly in very active dog breeds, working dogs and large breeds.

“Why wait for pain and discomfort in a client’s pet before acting?” he says.

“At our clinic, we promote to our clients that prevention is better than a cure, and we have utilised 4CYTE and its disease-modifying capabilities to that effect.

“We are pleased to see 4CYTE has quality research validating its capabilities, which has given our team and our clients confidence that the product they are using in their pets is providing genuine benefit.”

Owners of dogs and/or horses are encouraged to combine joint health supplements with strategies including:

• Balanced Exercise. Appropriate exercise can reduce stiffness in joints and keep muscles, tendons and ligaments in good condition. It also help reduce an animal’s weight, which reduces stress on joints and improves mobility.

• Keeping Them Warm. A well-fitting rug, coat or jumper keeps joints warm and comfortable.

• Good Hoof/Nail/Foot Care: It is important that toenails and hooves are kept trimmed to maintain a healthy, well balanced foot. Improper balance and overgrown nails/feet can increase the strain on joints.

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