How is Epiitalis produced?

Our exclusive active ingredient is an IP protected oil extract from the seed of Biota Orientalis tree.

  1. The first step in producing EPIITALIS is to harvest the seeds from the tree.
  2. The seeds are then crushed and the oil is extracted out. This oil comes out in the form of a triglyceride, which is not readily absorbed by our bodies, or those of our pets.
  3. So, using a proprietary method, the form of the oil is changed from a triglyceride to a type of non-methylated interrupted free fatty acid form.

This simply means that the oil is changed into a form of free fatty acid – a cell structure that is readily absorbed by the body.

By doing this we can ensure we get maximum absorption and uptake of the active into the body and therefore into the affected joints.

EPIITALIS is scientifically developed to reverse or repair the pathological process responsible for joint disease.

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