How does 4CYTE help dogs with arthritis?

With all the joint health products out there, it can absolutely be difficult to know which is right for you and your pet!
The thing that sets 4CYTE apart from the rest is this: 4CYTE is the ONLY joint health product patented to stimulate healthy cartilage production.
That means 4CYTE actually HEALS damaged joints, as opposed to simply providing support and pain relief.
By protecting, repairing and maintaining joint health, 4CYTE targets the cause of joint pain and damage, not just the symptoms.
This helps your four-legged friend move more freely and happily, helping them to run, jump and play.
4CYTE is powered by our exclusive active ingredient, Epiitalis. This plant seed oil is high in essential fatty acids and has been shown in research to stimulate healthy cartilage production, repair damaged joints affected by age, injury and arthritis; and suppress anti-inflammatory chemicals responsible for poor joint function and pain.
4CYTE is backed by world-class research and development, and endorsed by veterinarians and surgeons. We even offer a money-back guarantee when you use 4CYTE under the guidance of a vet.
Hope this helps, and please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

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We'd just like to remind all those who are excited to use Interpath products that 4CYTE cannot be purchased through our site.

4CYTE is a vet-only animal joint health supplement, and is available only through your veterinary clinic.

If you're looking to buy our human product, Osteo-Restore, you've come to the right place! Purchase here.

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