Harriet and Alex

Perfect partnerships are hard to find. Just ask any parent who’s searched for months – even years – for the right pony for their child. The pony must be safe and kind; a little person’s best mate and partner in crime. And they must be sound. When you finally find that combination, you do everything you can to keep the adventure going.

For Harriet, her 12-year-old Shetland Alex was her world. Her first pony, he took the six year-old from walking and trotting to cantering, popping over small jumps and winning reserve champion junior rider at their first gymkhana.

Alex gave his little rider incredible enjoyment and confidence; it wasn’t long before Harriet’s ability appeared to be overtaking Alex’s capability. As often happens when riders start pushing their mount’s limits, Alex began evading and refusing jumps, pigrooting and pulling up sore behind after lessons and pony club.

His family was heartbroken, believing the time had come to find Alex a new home with a leadline rider who wouldn’t ask too much of him. But, having successfully used 4CYTE for joint pain with their dogs, the family thought it couldn’t hurt to try Alex on the supplement first.

Almost nine months later, Alex is loving life with his family and going better than ever. Harriet enjoyed another six fun-filled months on Alex before moving onto her second pony, a 20 year-old Brumby named Molly, who the family started on 4CYTE to support her joints going into her senior years.

Alex is now teaching Harriet’s sister, Poppy, to ride and jumping grade five level at pony club. His movement and technique continues to improve as he feels better in his body and more confident in his job.

Poppy and Harriet’s mum, Emma, says they are 4CYTE fans for life.

“For us, it isn’t about having flash or expensive ponies. It’s about finding those gems who are going to keep your most precious cargo safe. The ponies that are kind, educated and going to foster a love of horsemanship and riding. Once you find them, you don’t give up on them easily. They deserve the very best, and that’s 4CYTE.”

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