Dr Kym Hagon, Hagon’s Equine

This horse is a 19-year-old pony and has been a pony club horse for off the lead beginner/green kids for at least 10 years. Has been managed for low grade laminitis for all that time. The current owner is fastidious in feed control/management, exercise and hoof trimming/shoeing. 

Recently the pony was presented to me severely lame. Hoof testers were negative to any foot pain. No heat at all in the feet. Both these findings really surprised me because it looked for all money like a ‘laminitic’ horse. Front fetlocks were very painful to flex – with major positives on flexions. Knees were not so bad. 

I was surprised to tell the owner that I felt it was advanced arthritis. I suggested a trial of 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte in conjunction with 4-5 days of low level bute (being a pony I was pretty conservative – approx. 2-3 ml once per day). 

In all honesty I was expecting to have to potentially euthanize him in the ensuing week as his symptoms were so severe. Then I received about four weeks later a video from the owners showing the pony being trotted by the young girl in this picture around the paddock and the pony was sound. Thanks to 4CYTE, the Pony and his little ridder are actively competing at local Pony Club events. Truly fantastic outcome! Would not hesitate in recommending people try 4CYTE.

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