Hollie Hilderbrandt

I currently have five of my own horses that are show horses – I compete most weekends during the show season, which is mainly spring and summer time. I enjoy going to horse shows including Agricultural Shows, Royals, HOTY’s and Nationals. Basically, anything I can go to, I will. 

I was introduced to 4CYTE through my horse Savesometimetodream, better known as Buck. Buck is a standardbred and had 113 race starts, 20 wins and winning more than $200,000 in prizemoney. Buck was on 4CYTE while racing to keep his joints sound and to keep him feeling the best he could.

Buck was then very lucky to complete the program ‘’There is no finish line’’ with Kathleen Mullan. Buck’s process from ‘Track to Hack’ has been documented on YouTube for people to view and hopefully assist other people transforming a standardbred into a saddle horse. 

Luckily for Buck, Interpath followed him from the track into his saddle career, and continued to supported him with 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte gel. 

I was then the lucky person to take over the reins with Buck and continue his training under saddle. Once again, Interpath followed Buck and continue to help Buck feel the best he possibly can after having his fair share of starts on the race track.

Buck has been on 4CYTE for several years now, and gets a daily dose of 4ml.  This keeps Buck moving freely and full of energy. I can always tell if Buck has missed his daily dose as, for a couple of days, he doesn’t move as freely in his action, nor travel across the ground with elevation. 

Once he has had his 4CYTE, Buck is back to his usual self with plenty of character and making sure people are aware he is there with his floating movement. I can notice a difference when horses are on 4CYTE joint formula after about a week.  They aren’t so stiff when you get them out of their stables in the morning, and the stiffness just disappears when you’re warming up. 

I am so very proud and thankful to be involved in this amazing team – everyone is so helpful willing to give you advice on 4CYTE when you are unsure. It is such an amazing product that you see fantastic results with. I love promoting this product to my fellow horse friends, as they can see the results I have had.  It’s great to recommend a product that successfully supports horses return from injuries and get back in the winner’s circle.   

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