Belinda Staib, Beljay Performance Horses

We have been actively using 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte now for about six years, and proudly as part of the sponsored team for two years. 

Over this period of time we have seen some amazing results using this product and it helps our competition horses immensely. We have also used it on older pregnant broodmares to help with mobility while heavy in foal. What we love about this product that is easy to use, quick and it is non-invasive. Our horses LOVE IT!

Our champion cutting stallion, Shines Like Metallic, has been on this product from a two year-old. He was x-rayed in his two year-old and three year-old  year showing excellent results, and very little changes within his joints after reputative training. 

I personally broke my leg over 12 months ago, and I took Interpath’s  human joint supplement, Osteo-Restore. It was also fantastic, and helped me recover from my ACL operation.

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We'd just like to remind all those who are excited to use Interpath products that 4CYTE cannot be purchased through our site.

4CYTE is a vet-only animal joint health supplement, and is available only through your veterinary clinic.

If you're looking to buy our human product, Osteo-Restore, you've come to the right place! Purchase here.

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