Dr Kym Hagon, Hagon’s Equine

In all honesty I was expecting to have to potentially euthanize him in the ensuing week as his symptoms were so severe. Then I received about four weeks later a video from the owners showing the pony being trotted by the young girl in this picture around the paddock and the pony was sound. Thanks to 4CYTE, the Pony and his little ridder are actively competing at local Pony Club events. Truly fantastic outcome! Would not hesitate in recommending people try 4CYTE.

Dr Stephen Fearnside BVSc(Hons) FANZCVS(Surgery) DACVSMR

As our patients age and advancements in veterinary medicine extend the length and quality of their lives, management of chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis become increasingly relevant to veterinarians. One element of this management is use of Nutraceuticals. I recommend all my patients with osteoarthritis are placed on an omega 3 fatty acid supplement. I […]

Jo Smith, Veterinarian, Weatherford Equine.

As an Equine Reproduction vet, I achieved some wonderful results in some “unsound” embryo donor mares during the 2017 stud season.  One particular high value client mare had not achieved any ET pregnancies for three years. But, during the 2017 season on 4CYTE at Weatherford Equine, she achieved two beautiful embryo pregnancies.  I attribute this […]