Does My Dog Need a Jumper in Winter?

Some people love dressing their dog, while others laugh at the very idea.

But, in this instance, we’re talking function over fashion – it’s important to make sure your canine pal is comfortable in the cooler months.

Jumpers can be a great benefit to dogs who suffer from arthritis, as the additional warmth can help prevent their joints from getting stiff and sore. They can also assist older dogs with weaker immune systems, and those with diseases that impair hair growth (i.e. Cushing’s disease and hypothyroidism).

Picking the right Jumper

Once you’ve decided to get your dog jumper, you’ll need to measure around their neck, the largest part of their chest, and the distance from the neck to the waist. Your dog’s jumper needs to fit firmly so it doesn’t get caught on anything, or drag along the ground. When trying a coat, check especially in the armpit area to make sure there is freedom of movement, but not too much excess fabric.

When it comes to material, take into account how often the jumper will need to be washed, and whether it might itch your dog. While wool is certainly very warm, but good blend of washable wool and cotton/acrylic may be best for longevity and wearability.

Extra support

If you’re dog is suffering from arthritis, you may wish to consider a natural daily treatment to support their joints. 4CYTE™ for Dogs is scientifically proven to reduce pain and repair joints affected by age, injury and arthritis.

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