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Exclusive to Interpath products, EPIITALIS® is our active ingredient patented for its revolutionary cartilage repair and pain relief properties.

Using proprietary extraction methods, EPIITALIS® is drawn from the well-known Chinese ‘healing tree,’ Biota Orientalis, in the form of plant seed oil high in essential fatty acids.

EPIITALIS® has been shown in research to:

Stimulate health cartilage production.

Repair damaged joints affected by age, injury and arthritis.

Suppress inflammatory chemicals responsible for poor joint function and pain.

EPIITALIS® is in a free fatty acid form, which makes it easily digestible and absorbed into the body.


Exclusive to Interpath human products, our Aquamin™ Forte Calcium Magnesium Complex has significant benefits for bone, joint and digestive health.

A natural, marine-sourced multi-mineral, Aquamin™ Forte is derived from the cytoskeleton of the red algae, Lithothamnion.

The calcium complex contains 72 trace mineral co-factors including zinc, magnesium and selenium for bone health. Studies indicate that Aquamin™ Forte has better bio-functionality in comparison to other forms of Calcium, making it more effectively absorbed and utilised by the body.

Other than washing and milling, Aquamin™ is unaltered from the raw material and, as such, represents a natural multi-mineral material that has Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Generally Recognised as Safe (GRAS) certification.


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