We were first introduced to 4CYTE EPIITALIS FORTE Gel a few years ago when I had two older 3* horses on the team. It gave us a non-invasive and cost-effective option for joint management, and the results were better than we could ever have expected.

Eventing is tough on their joints and – by the time the horses have the training and experience to reach the higher levels – they are usually in their teens, so it is important that we support their joints not just in their older years but also as a preventative as younger horses.

4CYTE for Injury Recovery: Let’s Impress

Let’s Impress reached 3* level at nine-years-old, having already had a racing career in his early years. Together we represented Australia, made it to Adelaide CCI**** and had many wins and placings at some of the biggest events around the country. With the help of 4CYTE EPIITALIS FORTE Gel, he even came back from what was deemed a career ending injury in 2013 to go on and reach 3* level again for the 2016 season, before finishing his career on a high. Let’s Impress (Rex to his friends) is thoroughly enjoying his retirement and has very little joint effusion or stiffness, even in the colder winter months, thanks to his 4CYTE.

4CYTE to Extend Athletic Careers: Eminence

3* horse Eminence thrived on his 4CYTE EPIITALIS FORTE Gel. As a younger horse, he sustained an injury to his pastern joint leaving him with an unresolved fracture. Through careful management we were able to keep him pain free for a long a successful career, reaching 3* level. 4CYTE enabled us to train and compete with confidence that his soundness was taken care of, giving him the best possible chance of a long career AND a happy retirement!

4CYTE to Maintain Soundness in OTTs

We run a team of entirely off-the-track thoroughbreds. Known for their toughness, we love their attitude, incredible natural fitness and we feel it is our way of playing a small part in reducing the wastage rates in the thoroughbred racing industry. We like to select horses that have had a few racing starts so we know they are mentally and physically tough and have stayed sound under some pressure. This does mean, however, that they have already got some miles on their legs before they embark on their eventing careers. Couple this with having a few older (also off the track thoroughbred) event horses on the team, and it makes joint management a number one priority for us. 4CYTE EPIITALIS FORTE Gel provides us with a sustainable and ethical management solution that is non-invasive, extremely effective and scientifically proven. We feel the results speak for themselves!

Taking the Guess Work out of Joint Care Supplements

Our horse training philosophy is simple – it must be based on the scientific principles of learning. Evidence-based training takes the guess work out of working with horses, it privileges the welfare of the horse and improves rider safety. We’re as passionate about science in our training as we are in our horse management principles which makes 4CYTE EPIITALIS FORTE Gel the perfect match for our joint management program. It is extremely effective, non-invasive, safe AND scientifically proven to help with inflammation and chondrocyte proliferation. This means it not only helps manage older joints, it also aids in joint regeneration in hard working younger joints.

Spreading the 4CYTE Word

We’ve been so impressed with the results we’ve had using 4CYTE EPIITALIS FORTE Gel that we introduced eventing legend Lucinda Green MBE (pictured left) to the product during a clinic she did in Australia at the beginning of 2017. She and her daughter Lissa haven’t looked back and now use it as part of their management program. That’s great proof of an incredible product.

By Sophie WarrenAustralian eventing representative and FEI level dressage rider.

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