4CYTE EPIITALIS FORTE has been an absolute game changer for the horses on my yard. Since Ali G, my old 5* horse, has been on it, he hasn’t needed one joint injection and is moving so free and easy, I only wish this product existed in his competitive youth.

I am a big believer in feeding joint supplements from a young age and not just when the horse reaches his geriatric years. This approach is based on the fact that, while arthritis and cartilage deterioration is mainly a problem for mature horses, the activity often begins early in life and by the time you notice stiffness and soreness in the joint, the process is well under way. If there is a chance I can help prevent this procedure or at least vastly slow it down, I want to take it. 

For me, 4CYTE tops the list of joint supplements thanks to its key active ingredient called EPIITALIS. EPIITALIS is a plant oil extract patented for its ability to actively help the production of healthy cartilage instead of degeneration. It has also been proven to suppresses the chemicals responsible for poor joint health.

You have to know your joint supplement is effective, my horses have been on this for three years and I am still thrilled with the product. I bought a horse from the Czech Republic who has arthritis in her fetlocks; we injected her immediately after we bought her in early 2019 and once more in the summer. She has remained in full work, due to her needs, since we bought her and has now been on 4CYTE for over a year and we aren’t even close to needing to inject again – it is quite extraordinary. 

I have no trouble recommending this product to others; it’s easy to get behind something you know will make a difference. 

Lucinda and Lissa Green