Australian Grand Prix Rider Brett Parbery
Photo credit: Rodney’s Photography.

#Team4CYTE Welcomes Australian Grand Prix Rider Brett Parbery 

Interpath is delighted to be sponsoring Brett Parbery and his team of horses, including Danish youngster Willinga Park Spot On (pictured).

A long-term user of 4CYTE, Brett and wife Melinda operate professional dressage training stable – Parbery Performance Horses – in the Southern Highlands of NSW.

“We’ve been using 4CYTE products since being introduced to them in 2017 by some of our vet colleagues,” Brett says.

“Over the years, we have been very proactive in the management of our horses’ joint health and have used all the products on the market. We take joint health very seriously, as it’s critical in the long-term competition career of a high-level dressage horse.

Melinda Parbery and Good as Gold
Melinda Parbery and Good As Gold

“Generally speaking, we take somewhere between four and six years to fully train our horses to Grand Prix level, and then it takes up to two more years until the horses become confident at that level. With the international competition cycle working on four-year cycles, there is either an Olympics or World Games every two years. The prevention of joint-related issues is therefore critical in horses being produced for future international careers. We have found 4CYTE EPIITALIS FORTE Gel a great inclusion in the management of all our competition horses.”

Melinda is also a strong advocate for 4CYTE in older horses following the improvement in her ride, Good As Gold (aka Will).

“In 2017, I was lucky enough to take over the ride of Brett’s Grand Prix Horse, Good As Gold – owned by Carolyn Lieutenant and ourselves – in his semi-retirement. I had heard good reports on 4CYTE EPIITALIS FORTE Gel, and decided to use it after researching the fact it was plant-based. I was hoping to increase longevity and comfort for Will, who had already had a big career in a sport that produces wear and tear,” she says.

“At 20, he is still enjoying his day-to-day training and competition. We now have all our competition horses using it, as it is so easy to add each day. We know we are helping our horses as they progress in their training in a sport that takes years for them to reach the top levels where we want them to be feeling healthy, supple and performing their best.”

4CYTE EPIITALIS FORTE to aid and actively maintain joint health.

By providing targeted nutrition, it can be used to: