Mark is an Aussie guy with a strong love for the outdoors, adventure and travel.

His passions include; skiing, snowboarding, wake boarding, mountain biking, multi-day hiking, rock climbing and kayaking. After his father passed away unexpectedly with unfulfilled dreams, he wanted to travel to North America, but couldn’t bare to leave his furry best friend Mya behind.

In November 2017, Mark and Mya left Australia and flew to North America. They travelled almost 80,000 km visiting provinces across Canada, almost 40 states across the USA and even visiting Mexico for a day.

In May 2019 Mark and Mya returned to Australia. They have been showing people you can have a dog and still have a life of adventure and travel.

An adventure that started off as them fulfilling their own dreams, has grown into a community connected through social media. When Mark realised this, he created social media groups for people wanting to travel with dogs in Australia, the USA, Canada, Europe & the UK, Asia, New Zealand and South America. Now the people they have inspired can also share their own adventures, travel tips and really interact as a community that will surpass Mark and Mya’s adventures.

Interpath is excited to welcome Mark and Mya to #Team4CYTE!