We use 4CYTE on all our team members, ranging from dogs aged 18 months right up to 15 years of age. Since using 4CYTE, we have found our dogs have better recovery rates and easier movement when performing some of the hardest tricks ever done on Australian soil (and even some world firsts). 

4CYTE especially helped our oldest girl, Milliemilkshake, who was riddled with arthritis from having her back legs broken, along with six ribs, as a 16-month-old. 

Through lots of exercise and maintenance, she was able to do what everyone said she couldn’t do, which was walk again. 

Milliemilkshake slowed down in her last few years but, while on 4CYTE, we saw a little bit more spring in her step. She was still able to wonder down the back paddock and watch her small mob of sheep. 

Our dogs train three times a day, every day, when we are not performing shows. We’ve found their all-round body balance to be more consistent with the aid of 4CYTE, and a balanced diet. 

We highly recommend 4CYTE to anyone that owns a dog, especially if their dogs are undertaking activities which put the body under more strain than normal. 

We are very proud to be part of the 4CYTE team and to have our dogs on a product that we believe in. We continue to push our dog’s abilities and skills to new levels with confidence, knowing they are supported with 4CYTE protection.