We use 4CYTE for our working kelpies, who work hard all week mustering, yarding and putting in the big days, then back it up on a weekend competing in dog trials all over NSW. We have found that our main dogs thrive on 4CYTE and see an improvement with soundness after the big days of shearing, drenching and mustering.

We first came across 4CYTE from word of mouth that it could be helpful on a young pup we had that was growing too quick. His joints just couldn’t keep up with his rapidly growing structure. He was unable to gait out properly, and looked to need some support for his young developing joints.

After putting the pup, Tubby, on 4CYTE Canine we saw an improvement in his gait and all round posture within a month. Tubby has now gone on to new owners and has become their main working dog. 

4CYTE is a fantastic product that we will continue to use for our dogs, and we are proud to be sponsored by 4CYTE to help our active dogs and support their joints with their demanding everyday job.