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Joint Health & 4CYTE why all the talk?

Joint health is one of the biggest issues and conversations for pet owners and we know that without the proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment a pet with joint health issues does not have the best chance of a long and happy quality of life.  It is important that we acknowledge the severity of this health ailment and how our professional expertise and capabilities can play a big role in the long-term well being of your clients pets.


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These sessions are an opportunity to learn more about the joint health market, the disease process, treatment options and of course learn more about the 4CYTE product range .

In these sessions we will be looking to cover the board topics of ,

  • What is the size and potential of he joint health segment?
  • What is joint disease and what are the common treatment options and why?
  • How can we apply a better multi-modal approach to joint health in our clinic/hospital?
  • How does 4CYTE (both 4CYTE for dogs and 4CYTE Epiitalis Forte for dogs) fit into this multi modal approach, and how it can benefit your clients and hospitals